sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011

W.O.M. - 15/04/2011

Guns 'N Roses - Mama Kin (Live)
Locomotive Breath - Captured
Dream Theater - Learning To Live
Helloween - Power
Rhapsody - The Dark Tower Of Abyss
Leverage - Sentenced
Iron Maiden - Don't Look To The Eyes Of The Stranger

Annihilator - Sixes And Sevens
Metallica - My Friend Of Misery
Pain - Shut Your Mouth

Rubrica WTF?! 
Northern Kings - We Don't Need Another Hero

Testament - The Burning Times
Legion Of The Damned - Desolation Empire
Sepultura - To The Wall
Cavalera Conspiracy - I Speak Hate

Criminal Jammage - Cockroaches
Impurium - Dead Man's Wish

Anguish Sublime - Among The Raven Skies
October Tide - Blackness Devours

Albúm do mês da Metal Imperium
Heavenwood - Abyss Masterpiece
Destaque para Sudden Scars

Old Man's Child - Into Silence Embrace
Angantyr -  Solverpilens Kald

Momento Zen
A melodia do Último dos Moicanos tocada por uma rapariga de violino na rua

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