sábado, 10 de setembro de 2011

W.O.M. - 09/09/2011

Peste & Sida - Maldição
Black Sabbath - Megalomania
Factory Of Dreams - Whispering Eyes
Firewind - When All Is Said And Done

Rubrica Albúm do mês da Metal Imperium Zine
Before The Rain - Frail
Destaque para A Glimpse Towards The Sun

Omnium Gatherum - Watcher Of The Skies
Anthrax - What Doesn't Die
Alestorm - Black Through Time
Evile - We Who Are About To Die
Essence - Pestilence

Rubrica WTF?!
Lemmy And The Upsetters - Blue Suede Shoes

Devil In Me - Crossroads

Legion Of The Damned - Shrapnel Rain
Damien's Trail Of Blood - The Greatest Story Ever Told
W.A.K.O. - My Misery 
Cavalera Conspiracy - Target

Inhume - Ignorance Of The Elevated
The Ransack - Son Of The Seas
Grimness - Illheaven Hells
Carnifex - Genocide - Initiative
Origin - Saligia
Hate Eternal - The Art Of Redemption

Rubrica Epá Ganda Nome
Njiqahdda - Nji Taaevaasti Vortaa Est Flaami

Momento Zen

Billy Idol - Rebell Yell

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