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W.O.M. - 27/04/2012

Guns N' Roses - It's So Easy (live)
Corrosion Of Conformity - The Moneychangers
ICS Vortex - Dogsmacked
Freedom Call - Sun In The Dark
Black Label Society - Refuse To Bow Down
Cacophony - Savage
Symphony X - Dehumanized
Falconer - Royal Gallery
Tyr - Take Your Tyrant
Megadeth - Black Swan
Vicious Rumors - Let The Garden Burn
Artillery - Mi Sangre (The Blood Song)

Rubrica WTF?!
Skyclad - Sabre Dance

S.O.D. - March Of The S.O.D. / Sargent "D" & The S.O.D.
In Flames - Colony (live)
Nightrage - Poignant Memories
Demonaz - Ode To Battle / Legends Of Fire And Ice
 Grog - Spontaneous Gore
Cannibal Corpse - Intestinal Crank
Hate Eternal - Haunting Abound
Inhume - Sodomizing Encounter
Rotting Christ - The First Field Of The Battle
Melechesh - Covering The Sun
Borknagar - The Tale Of A Pagan Time (live)

Rubrica Epá Ganda Nome
Carpathian Forest - Knokkelman (live)

Ancient - Cosmic Exile

Momento Zen
Thanatschizo - Dance Of The Tender Leaves

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